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Jeniffer Setti, the jewel from Brazil, international actress.

Sapphira character of the Brazilian Actress Jeniffer Setti is successful in the US in biblical novel.

Jeniffer Setti began at 12 years old, on a workshop coordinated by Guti Fraga. On her background experience, she participated on three theatre plays: Aurora da minha vida, directed by Carolina Novais; Iara directed by Amir Haddad and Geraçāo Trianon, directed by Cico Caseira.

On the movies, she was the leading actress on Esperança de uma paixāo film, directed by Gil Farias. In 2014, she participated on Vestidos para casar film, starring by Leandro Hassun and directed by Gerson Sanguinito. She also has experience as a wroter and producer. In o Diario de Carla film, she was both the screemwriter and the leading actress, participating on several national and international film festivals.

In televions shows , she starring several soap operas , like the remake of Dona Xepa, directed by Ivan Zettel, in which she plays the character Inocencia and Milagres de Jesus television serie, directed by Joāo Camargo, in which she plays Gabriela. She also appeared in many others works, like Os Mutantes and Salve Jorge, which are both soap operas and A segunda Dama serie, produced by Rede Globo. At the present, she plays the major role on the Imaginarium serie.

Jennifer how to explain the big sucess of novel the "The Ten Commandments" which is now b eing shown in many countries of the world , including the United States ?

Sapphira in the second phase, will find herself barren, and will try to get pregnant. The character will face many conflicts. It's been amazing to see people tell the story of my character and receive a loving embrace of those who followed my trajectory; is exciting.

Did you live a lot of characters in television , before living Shappira , ​is there someone predilect , in these galery of characters ?

Before the Ten Commandments, I did a character in the miniseries Call Gabriela Miracles of Jesus, also in Record, that marked me.

How is your relationship with the family, you well manage these 4 women in yourself , mother, wife , businesswoman and actress , how is all this in real life?

In fact even I myself can not believe I take care of it all! LOL. I really am responsible for managing many things, but at the end of the day, after II take care of everything, a sense of joy and gratitude strikes me.​

Do you belive in God? How is your relationship with him?

​​Yes, I do belive in God very much indeed! As I belive in the air that we are beathing. I am a Christian from the womb of my mother! Faith to me is something I take very seriously and cherish in all my days.

How do you deal with beauty? In the second phase of the novel you appear very old , it messes with your vanity ?

On the contrary, I have been through this stage of wanting badly to look good on TV. The less the Jeniffer Setti appears, the more character the grows. Becoming old in some type of roles on TV is a gift! The actor learns one more new experience and a new character.​

Which are your projects for 2017?

​I will continue with the Cultural Center and make movies.​

How do you deal with fans and social networks?

I love it! I like to post my day to day, interacting with people who accompany me and also listen to the reviews! All that​ is welcome.

What can not miss in a man?

First of all Education, second Honesty, and last but not least sense of humor.


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